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We. Habiba and Frédérique, are two friends one is Moroccan and the other a French expat now living in Essaouira. In summer 1997 Habiba was the first Moroccan woman to open up a spice shop still in use and called ‘’Au petit bonhomme la chance’’ In 2006 Frédérique and her husband, Edouard, also opened a restaurant, « La Découverte » located in the town’s médina. This book is the token of a friendship we would like to share with you”.

Discovering the spices of Morocco

With some plants various parts can be used according to the desired results such as fresh leaves or dried seeds. Spices can also be mixtures that combine various crushed plants, as in Ras el Hanout. When used in small quantities in cooking, for conserving, seasoning or dyeing. spices stimulate and warm us, offering pleasant tastes, whettening our appetites, easing our digestion, and enlivening our meals, they are essential in our cooking.

Moreover, spices have been ascribed cosmetic and medicinal virtues down through the ages. In the text that follows we will describe various spices, as well as some of the most famous plants used in Morocco.

The facts regarding the spices covered in this book are given for information only, in no way should they replace the advice of a doctor.

We will also deal with the virtues of products such as the argan oil (which comes from a tree native to the Essaouira region of Morocco), and pricky pear seed oil.


145,00 DH

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